Encrypting Your Laptop Like You Mean It

You know you need to encrypt the hard dri­ve (or SSD) in your lap­top but it seems like a has­sle. How does it all even work, any­way? Or, every­thing else you have to do is just high­er pri­or­i­ty.

I get it. Because I think the same thoughts about these “bite the bul­let” tasks, too.


Why not take some time dur­ing the rest of Decem­ber and just do it?

I’ll help by point­ing you to Mic­ah Lee over at The Inter­cept  who has pub­lished a very use­ful tuto­r­i­al on how reg­u­lar peo­ple (and even exec­u­tives) can get start­ed using encryp­tion in order to pro­tect their pri­va­cy.

Whether you use Win­dows, Mac­in­tosh, or Lin­ux, Mic­ah’s got you cov­ered, all jar­gon-free, with screen shots.

So, Hap­py Hol­i­days and I’ll see you back here on Jan­u­ary 4th.

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